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Faye Stewart has been a trustee for Centre of Deaf, Bristol since 2018. Having moved to Bristol in 2002 Faye was supported by the Deaf community to find her Deaf identity and wanted to repay this support by volunteering her time to CfD. Arts and culture has always been an important part of Faye’s life and she works as an Engagement and Audiences Relationship Manager for Arts Council England, in the South West team. Faye has also worked as a curator, a coordinator for RNID craft workshops and an outreach manager for art + power, a participation organisation in Bristol. Faye is Deaf, and uses British Signing Language, working with a pool of interpreters daily. Faye has re-established the Disability Network at the Arts Council after she recognised the need to provide mutual support and a collective voice for deaf, disabled, and neurodiverse staff, especially through the pandemic. Re-establishing the network has enabled Faye to support her workplace in being disability inclusive and confident.