Dementia Fact sheet support for Bristol Deaf BSL users (BSL translation) – Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service

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Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People have been working alongside Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service to develop a BSL Factsheet to enable Deaf BSL users to better understand what Dementia is, as well as the support available to them.

Click here to download the Dementia factsheet in written format.

Click here to access the BSL translation on YouTube.

A huge thanks to the Deaf BSL users who took part in our recent Deaf and Dementia information sessions, because without your input these issues may not have been identified. The information gathered at these sessions also led to the following work being undertaken:

  • Our service established links with a local specialised Deaf BSL translation organisation that we now work with.
  • Access to training for all staff in Deaf culture and producing an information sheet for staff who may not have worked with the Deaf BSL community before, plus links to key organisations and further reading
  • Development of a specific diagnostic assessment process by collaborating with the Bristol Specialist Deaf Service and UCL DCAL to offer a shared diagnostic assessment that is culturally sensitive and accessible, being delivered directly in BSL
  • New referral process for Deaf BSL users enabling them to self-refer into the service
  • New resources both on dementia and the support available from our service, available in both BSL and easy read documents, as well as a BSL film available on our website.
  • Collaboration with a local Deaf-led organisation to deliver several information sessions for the community
  • Introducing Text Relay as a way for Deaf BSL users to contact the service, although this was noted not to be the best form of communication for the community, so remains under review.

What our clients say about us:

Graphic of two hands using sign language

…I was very satisfied with the service. The two staff were professional and easy to communicate with. They were able to explain everything clearly and quickly gave me the replacement equipment.

graphic of a speech bubble

Two exceptionally pleasant and helpful people – a pleasure to meet and my new doorbell is a great help. Thank you very much.