DPO Covid-19 Emergency Fund

The National Emergencies Trust is providing £1.5m of funding to Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) to respond to the Covid-19 needs of people with disabilities. The funding will be administered and distributed through a partnership of DPOs across the UK.

What work is supported by the fund?

The DPO Covid-19 Emergency Fund aims to help DPOs meet the needs of local people in the three following broad areas:

  • Independent living: covering Covid-19 related issues affecting people’s choice and control over their lives, for example: changes to the built environment, streetscape and transport; advice and advocacy support to ensure health and social care needs are met, employment advice or advice to individuals who are shielding
  • Isolation: tackling isolation for example: providing IT equipment and support so people can access online support; or setting up and running peer-support networks
  • Income: covering work to help people with disabilities access benefits and entitlements, or manage debt issues

What our clients say about us:

graphic of a speech bubble

Two exceptionally pleasant and helpful people – a pleasure to meet and my new doorbell is a great help. Thank you very much.

Graphic of two hands using sign language

…I was very satisfied with the service. The two staff were professional and easy to communicate with. They were able to explain everything clearly and quickly gave me the replacement equipment.