Our team


  • Photo of CEO David

    David Melling – CEO

    My name is David and I am the Director/CEO of CfD. I have worked in the voluntary sector for 12 years, ranging from disability theatre, disability forums, project management to middle management and finally to here! My aim is to bring the Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People back to its former glory, guide it into a new future and explore exciting initiatives, ensuring that hearing loss is on everyone's agenda.
  • Photo of equipment officer Piers

    Piers Kittel – Technical Officer

    I'm Piers. I work for the equipment service and most of the time I go out and meet clients but I also run the team behind the scenes. I used to work as a postman and manager at Royal Mail and also ran a bed and breakfast with my wife. I love meeting clients and improving their quality of life and giving back their freedom.
  • Photo of equipment officer Steve

    Steve Mullins – Technical Officer and Administrator

    I’m Steve and go out and visit clients to support them with their equipment. I also work as an administrator for the equipment service. I look after stock control for items of equipment such as doorbells and phone ringing aids. My role is to make sure that the correct level of stock is maintained to be able to meet demand while keeping the costs of holding stock to a minimum. Previously I worked as an IT developer in the banking and insurance industry for nearly 30 years.